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Proxy Service

GB Pharma assumes the role of proxy with AIFA and other competent authorities (Ministry of Health, ISS, Embassies, etc.) in the name and on behalf of the clients.

By this proxy GB Pharma can:

  • Manage contacts with the competent authorities relating procedures regarding medicinal products;
  • Activate and manage contacts with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies regarding medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements and advertising;
  • Collect and transmit permits, requests and decrees pertaining to the clients;
  • Carry out all acts of ordinary administration necessary and appropriate for the exercise of the powers hereby assigned;
  • Prepare all correspondence and documents related to the role and the activities of proxy;
  • Follow up of procedures pending with competent authorities, and intervenes at such entities, including by consulting and comparing with the responsible officers for the resolution of any problems and prevention of criticality.

Regulatory support in Extra-EU Countries

  • Support for the registration and maintenance of medicinal products in Extra-EU Countries (e.g. Middle East, North-Central and South America, Asia, Africa, etc.), in accordance to local procedures and requirements.
  • Development of the registration dossier and support during all registration process phases, also with co-operation with local agents.