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Friday 25.04.2014

  • 23.04.2014 »

    In a front-page piece, the Wall Street Journal (4/23, A1, Rockoff, Whalen, Falconi, Subscription Publication) reported the recent string of pharma deals reflect a reversal of the path the companies had taken before, now seeking to narrow the scope of their operations after spending years expanding their portfolio of products. Still, the paper noted, some [...]

  • 22.04.2014 »

    In a front-page story, the Washington Post (4/22, A1, Dennis) reported that Sarepta Therapeutics, which developed eteplirsen, a “promising” medicine to delay the progression of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, disclosed the FDA has “indicated” it could consider the medicine “for accelerated approval.” The FDA’s move follows “an aggressive campaign” by the families of DMD patients to [...]

  • 21.04.2014 »

    The Wall Street Journal (4/21, Bravin, Subscription Publication) reported US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts declined Friday to block generic copies of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s Copaxone (glatiramer acetate injection) for multiple-sclerosis while the court hears Teva’s appeal in a patent case. Bloomberg News (4/19, Stohr) reported the rejection “leaves Teva open to generic competition [...]

  • 15.04.2014 »

    On the front of its Business Day section, the New York Times (4/15, B1, Thomas, Subscription Publication) reports that a small group of the US “population is being asked to shoulder more and more of the cost of expensive treatments for diseases like cancer and hepatitis C, according to a report to be released” today [...]

  • 14.04.2014 »

    The Washington Post (4/14, Dennis) reported a Federal judge is set to rule on Massachusetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick’s recent move “to prohibit the sale of” new opioid painkiller Zohydro (hydrocodone bitartrate) “approved last fall by” the FDA. The issue at the heart of the matter is whether a state can “ban a drug that [...]