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Friday 6.03.2015

  • 18.02.2015 »

    In a 3,100-word story, the second in a series of articles, the Arizona Republic (2/18, Alltucker) reports how researchers from the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative “assembled a panel of experts to evaluate about 20 anti-amyloid drugs in various levels of development before settling on one called crenezumab” to test in people in Colombia who suffer from [...]

  • 14.01.2015 »

    NPR (1/14) reports in its “Shots” blog that an analysis in “the American Medical Association’s flagship journal JAMA” shows the United States funds 44 percent of the world’s biomedical research, a drop from 57 percent a decade ago. Hamilton Moses III, MD, founder of Alerion Advisors and one of the five co-authors of the paper, [...]

  • 7.01.2015 »

    Forbes (1/6) contributor Tara Haelle reported that according to a study published Jan. 6 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil is not linked to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis or any other similar central nervous system conditions.” HealthDay (1/7, Dallas) reports that Danish investigators “examined data [...]

  • 10.11.2014 »

    Reuters (11/7, Begley) reports that a group of scientists sent a letter about a possible Ebola treatment to the Department of Health and Human Services, legislators, and biotech firms. The group, advocating for the study of “convalescent serum,” includes Nobel laureates David Baltimore, James Watson, and Jim Simons. Their idea is to use the blood [...]

  • 30.10.2014 »

    USA Today (10/29, Szabo) reports that the FDA today “gave accelerated approval to a new meningitis vaccine,” called Trumenba, which “protects against type B” meningococcal bacteria. Previously, “vaccines targeted only four of the five major kinds of meningococcal bacteria – types A, C, Y and W.” Meningococcal bacteria are spread via “respiratory or throat secretions, [...]