Patient Support Program (PSP)

In a constantly evolving Healthcare environment and with patients able to always have more information about their diseases and therapeutic pathways, the Patient Support Programs (PSP) have acquired a fundamental importance in managing the diagnostic / therapeutic path in the best way, managing the differences between the various patients and their expectations. Designing and conducting PSPs becomes essential to support the patient to correctly follow a therapy, reduce the movement of the same from his home, to use health resources more correctly.

GB Pharma proposes itself as a partner in the analysis of the needs and design of PSP with an adequate cost / effectiveness ratio.

GB Pharma is also able to ensure compliance with Pharmacovigilance associated with PSPs in accordance with the Italian and European legislation.


Market Research (MR)

The Market Research covers a wide range of investigations aimed at studying and understanding the motivations, the desires, the expectations of patients and doctors in the management of the disease and related therapies. The MRs include focus groups with doctors or patients, investigations on the perception of the pathology, on the motivations that could lead to choose a therapeutic path rather than another.

GB Pharma is a partner in the planning and design of MR and is also able to ensure every compliance of Pharmacovigilance associated with MR in accordance with Italian and European legislation.